FEMA, Big Player in the Claims Process

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA’s mission is to support citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, is involved in supporting homeowners and renters nationwide who were involved in property loss or damage due to hazards . Recently, FEMA has been actively involved in efforts to support those affected by the Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Texas.


A recent FAQ’s article was published to FEMA’s website offering some great information on how they can be of assistance through the claims process.

1) Do I qualify?

This is the most frequently asked question as FEMA is continuing to support those affected by the explosion in Texas. Homeowners and renters are URGED to register with FEMA and find out if they are eligible for assistance.

2) How do I obtain rental assistance from FEMA?

In order to obtain assistance, FEMA has to determine that your home in unsafe. Next, you exhaust your insurance benefits prior to receiving assistance from FEMA.  “You will need to submit your insurance settlement or ineligibility letter to FEMA along with a statement requesting rental assistance”.

3) Why am I denied assistance from FEMA?

In most cases, homeowners and renters are not able to receive assistance from FEMA because they have coverage from an insurance agency. There is still a chance for homeowners to get support from FEMA. If your insurance plan did not cover all of the damages and if it has been over 30 days since you submitted your claim and their has been no sign of an agent or adjuster.

4) What about debris removal?

“Many homeowners’ insurance policies cover debris removal. FEMA does not typically pay for cleaning up debris on private property or in gated communities” (FEMA). Most local communities support those who have been a victim of debris hazards. For more information on FEMA’s coverage visit their website

Post Sandy, FEMA hard at work assisting those who lost and suffered property damage.
Post Sandy, FEMA hard at work assisting those who lost and suffered property damage.

Here at Assured Relocation, our representatives are working to provide the insured with temporary housing and relocation opportunities that best fit their needs. We appreciate all the work FEMA does for victims of serious disasters and we understand the continued diligent work needed to handle each claim.

For more information on your insurance coverage and temporary housing solutions visit our website at Assured Relocation dot com and stay tuned to our Facebook page

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